Adinafein Kenlyl

Captain of capitol-ship "Sadist" and Supreme Commander of the Iris Airfleet. Newly appointed General of Dragton Ridge.


STR 20 5

DEX 24 +7

CON 16 +3

INT 22 +6

WIS 14 +2

CHA 13 +1

Fort 10

Ref 13

Will 4



BAB +9/

2 Returning Lightning Dagger(melee) +17/17/12 1d41d6+13 19-20×3

2 Frost Dagger (thrown) +20/15 1d4+1d6+14 19-20×3


Weapon Finesse

Grace +1

Insightful Strike


Deadeye Shot


Trip Shot DC 20

Snatch Arrows


Weapon Focus (Dagger)

Point Blank Shot

Precise Shot

Far Shot

Two Weapon Fighting

Two Weapon Pounce

(In progress… some may be incorrect)


The First Chapter

Adinafein Kenlyl is a mildly insane spirit elf from the Dark Woods from the continent of Valefor. Born Arianthel Baelentess, he is of a clan who are the legendary protectors of the Dark Woods and the keepers of it’s evil. He always excelled in the use of daggers, even though his kin looked down on him for it. He was always far too violent, eventually killing a rival just to see what it was like. The elders wanted to have him executed, but his mother pleaded for mercy. Being a renowned druid among the spirit elves, they granted her wish and simply had him exiled forever. He left his home with nothing but the clothes on his back and his training daggers.

He wandered the lands slaying any who were foolish enough to threaten him, and soon became known simply as the “mad elf” and was feared greatly by all bandits and thugs. During his travels he met a half-drow ranger whose skill with the blade rivaled his own. They met and crossed blades on three occasions, neither emerging as the victor. On the third meeting they called a truce and lay in the grass to catch their breath. To his surprise, the ranger turned out to be a woman named Kindra. They lay there and spoke for a long while, and by the end of the day Arianthel found himself tagging along with her. Soon they had become lovers, and Arianthel cast aside his birth name, and took the drow name Adinafein Kenlyl. He learned much of the dark kin, including their language.

Unfortunately, these times of happiness were not to last. Kindra grew weary of Adin’s insatiable lust for battle, disappearing into the wilds as only a ranger can. Bitter and full of hatred, he left the forests behind, slaughtering any man or beast that got in his way. Eventually his rage subsided and he felt he needed to be away from the forests; far away. He found himself in the port city of Baroque soon enough. There he met a young captain who hired him on as a crewman and because of his skills, gave him command of the ship’s boarding party.

He sailed with the captain for two years, gaining much wealth and powerful weapons; as well as several loyal and able followers. Soon Adin grew tired of the sea, and decided to leave the company and start his own band of assassins. He and his men made quite an impact on the underworld of Baroque, before eventually being forced out by Valis Zarr and his crime syndicate. Of course, Valis sees all angles and knew Adin could prove useful, so he arranged a meeting between him and a friend named Jorn. Soon Adin became a lieutenant of the Boneguard, an elite mercenary company led by Jorn Voknr.

Adin fought with the Boneguard for 3 years before he met a strange fate during the storming of a keep. Just as the keep came crumbling down around him, he found himself in a strange place, with strange people, and staring right down the snout of a dragon…

The Second Chapter

Coming soon…

Adinafein Kenlyl

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